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31 March 2011
Let’s Remember Vladislav Galkin

February marked one year since the death of Vladislav Galkin. I want to recollect this man. And I have two reasons to do it. First, I have always admired him as a talented actor. Especially I liked him to play the role of lieutenant Tamantsev in the film “In August ’44.” Galkin has created a trustworthy image of a bold, professional “cleaner” treated with respect by his fellow operatives.

02 January 2011
The Ordinary and Terrible Story

A car moved across another car running along one of the city streets. The man who was driving the outpaced car became furious and struck with a violent desire to punish the offender who had boldly created an obstacle for him. He caught up with the car which had moved across his own car and forced it to stop by slamming on the brakes in front of the offender’s car.