03 March 2013
How to convert thinking and behaving diversity into effective decision-making process during the meetings.

One of my customers - a training company requested me to recommend how to make a more effective decision making process for company’s top team members.

12 November 2011
Woodchucks and chipmunks.

Woodchucks and chipmunks can understand each other.

13 September 2011
The Lord of the Birds of Prey

The word “Greifvogelpark” can be translated from German into English like Birds of Prey Park. Park is situated close to a small Austrian village Telfes, located in the Stubai valley at Innsbruck. My wife and I have visited the Stubai twice and seen several times in different places small poster with an invitation to visit the park.

15 June 2011
Let’s Remember Vladislav Galkin

February marked one year since the death of Vladislav Galkin. I want to recollect this man. And I have two reasons to do it. First, I have always admired him as a talented actor. Especially I liked him to play the role of lieutenant Tamantsev in the film “In August ’44.” Galkin has created a trustworthy image of a bold, professional “cleaner” treated with respect by his fellow operatives.

15 June 2011
Destructive Emotions. How Can We Overcome Them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama. Daniel Goleman (Author)

When I was at the airport in Munich I came in a shop where newspapers, magazines and books were sold and quite by chance I saw and bought the book titled “Destructive Emotions. How Can We Overcome Them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama” by Daniel Goleman. Once again I realized that nothing happens by chance. I was destined to find this book and read it.

15 June 2011
Pilot Mosolov. From the Height of the Sky.

My Russian sauna companion Arkady Ivanovich, an elderly neurosurgeon, some time ago, by the way, told me a story about test pilot Georgy Mosolov. Here it is what I’ve heard.

15 June 2011
About Captain Vanin and Marketing manager

Some time ago a friend of mine told me what had happened to his fellow man working at the marketing department of a well-known American company - soda water producer in Holland.

15 June 2011
On a slow boat to China

Some days ago I bought a new CD of Ella Fitzgerald on which the well-known jazz standard “On a slow boat to China” sang by her was recorded. But I haven’t heard it earlier. I have got a lot of musical pieces performed by this great singer, and each time when I discover for myself a new wonderful song I get surprised again and again at the range of her creativity which seems unlimited. You feel as if you know all her songs but nevertheless you can find some fine music unknown to you.

15 June 2011
The Ordinary and Terrible Story

A car moved across another car running along one of the city streets. The man who was driving the outpaced car became furious and struck with a violent desire to punish the offender who had boldly created an obstacle for him. He caught up with the car which had moved across his own car and forced it to stop by slamming on the brakes in front of the offender’s car.

15 June 2011
Managers versus leaders

Not long ago I came across a topic published on one of the Internet websites devoted to the comparison of managers and leaders. I was very surprised by what I read there. How unhappy managers are! Unlike leaders they have no imagination and creativity, they keep up conflicts, rely on logic and facts only, use the command style of management, and so on and so forth. I suppose I have never seen in my life any more critical description of managerial qualities. Some people will tell me that it is not so important and I should not pay attention to it. I don’t agree with it. Such opinion about the role of managers certainly reflects some prevailing concepts though obviously exaggerated.